Bridge Replacement Will Make Travel Safer in Sables-Spanish

July 12, 2022

A full bridge replacement in the Township of Sables-Spanish will improve safety and eliminate traffic hazards.

The Caldwell Bridge at Lee Valley and Burns Crossover Road is more than 50 years old. The current bridge is a three-metre span timber structure bridge that has severe wood decay on the foundation and issues with the wood-concrete composite decking.

Recognizing that the current infrastructure poses a safety risk to residents and travellers, Sables-Spanish is investing its 2022 Canada Community-Building Fund contributions into the construction of a new bridge at this location.

Unlike the current timber structure, the new bridge won’t be load limited, making it a safer and more efficient travel route for vehicles and heavy farming equipment. As a throughway that connects local small communities in Sables-Spanish, the new Caldwell Bridge will remain an important connecting link in the community.  

A roadway leading to the Caldwell Bridge in Sables-Spanish


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