Community Benefits

Since 2014, the Fund has helped:

Infographic: the Fund has helped rehabilitate 19,810 lane-km of road, improve 24 public transit systems, cut energy consumption by 65 GWh, and extend or replace 126 km of watermains and 168 km of sewers
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Rehabilitate 19,810 lane-km of road

Improve 24 public transit systems

Cut energy consumption by 65 GWh

Icon of a faucet over a blue background Icon of a water droplet over a purple background Icon of a person kicking a ball over a green background

Extend or replace 126 km of watermains

Extend or replace 168 km of sewers

Enhance 289 recreation facilities

Keep scrolling to learn how the Fund helps to keep us moving, protect our environment, and strengthen our communities.

Helping Move Ontarians

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By the numbers

Since 2014, the Fund has contributed to projects impacting:


public transit vehicles


lane-km of local roads


km of paths, trails and bike lanes

Improving Public Transportation

Since 2014, the Fund has contributed $770 million to over 200 public transportation projects, including the purchase and rehabilitation of buses, accessibility upgrades and technological updates.

Since 2014, investments in public transit have meant that

5.6 million

residents in Ontario have improved access to transit facilities

Expanding AccessibilIty

Municipalities have added 431 accessible vehicles to fleets across Ontario since 2014 as a result of the Fund. This means more residents are able to access safer, faster and more reliable public transit.

*These figures do not include the City of Toronto's investment of the Fund.

Supporting local roads and bridges

Since 2014, the Fund has contributed $2 billion to almost 3,000 local roads and bridges projects.

These projects help to connect residents and local businesses, while making commutes faster and safer, and neighbouring communities feel a little closer.

Promoting an active lifestyle

The Fund supports active transportation projects, including cycling lanes and paths, sidewalks, hiking and walking trails.

Municipalities have completed 304 active transportation projects since 2014, providing opportunities to bike to work, safely walk through town and explore a new trail.

Helping Protect the Environment

Two men analyzing a street light

By the numbers

Since 2014, the Fund has contributed to projects impacting:


km of sewer


LED streetlights


ha of brownfields

Supporting a Cleaner Environment

The Fund is helping protect our environment by supporting water, wastewater, solid waste and brownfield redevelopment projects.

Since 2014, investments of the fund have resulted in


more households participating in recycling collection

Investing in Energy-Efficient Solutions

The Fund supports projects that generate or increase the efficient use of energy. These projects benefit communities with cleaner air, brighter streets and can help municipalities save money.

Helping Communities Thrive

Exterior of the Art Gallery of Windsor

By the numbers

Since 2014, the Fund has contributed to projects impacting:


museums and heritage sites


libraries and art facilities


arenas, parks and recreation centres

Investing in Stronger Communities

The Fund has been invested in accessible upgrades to recreation facilities, community dock remediation, sports fields, playgrounds and much more.

The Fund helps build stronger communities - investing in community centres, libraries, and local tourism. These projects are helping people exercise, learn, and come together. These investments also bring new people to communities - helping businesses grow.

The Top-Up

Municipalities received extra help in 2019

The federal government transferred an additional $2.2 billion to communities across Canada through the Canada Community-Building Fund in 2019 - doubling 2019's distribution and accelerating critical local infrastructure projects.