Available Support for Municipalities

Municipal staff are required to provide reliable information on assets’ performance, risks, and costs to enable Councils to deliver sustainable community services. As an elected official, you can provide the strategic leadership needed to invest in staff training and data collection initiatives to build internal capacity and foster a culture of collaboration and coordination across your municipality.

AMO supports municipal sector progress in asset management through several capacity-building projects, policy directives, and assessment of sector progress as part of its administration of the Canada Community Building Fund.

AMO also provides support for municipalities by developing educational resources for elected officials, and by delivering training program for municipal staff to build technical expertise and facilitate the adoption of better practices in asset management for Council. In this regard AMO acknowledges the important work of the FCM’s MAMP.

Every year, AMO profiles municipalities of different sizes as they make progress in asset management. These videos highlight the commitment and approach of municipal councils in using asset management as a decision-making tool.

To learn more about available resources and training opportunities or to let us know your story, please contact ccbf@amo.on.ca