Aylmer adds Stormwater Pond to Industrial Park

A new storm water management pond will help support development in the Town of Aylmer’s industrial park. 

The Aylmer Industrial Manufacturing (AIM) park was established in 2021 when the Town purchased the land from a local landowner. Preparing the lands for industrial use includes the installation of new municipal water, sanitary sewer and storm infrastructure. Additionally, it encompasses the construction of new connecting roadways and the servicing of 13 lots for future use on 51.3 acres. 

A stormwater management pond was part of the initial preparation. In 2023, Aylmer invested more than $680,000 from the CCBF into the largescale project, which wrapped up in December. 

The stormwater pond collects runoff from rain and snow, reducing risk of flooding and ground erosion. It also improves water quality by allowing dirt and debris in the stormwater to settle to the bottom of the pond before the water is discharged through an outlet. 

Thanks to investments in-part from the CCBF, Ayler is one step close to creating a thriving industrial hub and providing space for businesses to operate. 

A new stormwater outlet being installed in the Town of Aylmer's industrial Park.


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