Bancroft Overhauling Connecting Link

April 16, 2023

The Town of Bancroft is a bustling tourism destination with a busy main street that also serves as the town's connecting link.

In the summer months, cottagers fill downtown businesses and use the connecting link to get to their seasonal residences. 

In 2022, Bancroft invested the Canada Community-Building Fund in to the completion of the first phase of a total reconstruction of its main street, from Bridge Street to Madawaska Street. 

This phase included ripping up the street and laying new, smooth asphalt that is graded for better stormwater run-off. Additional work will include replacement of the sidewalks and curbs, new roadway and sidewalk lighting, and new streetscape elements. 

The new lighting system will have smart lighting capabilities. This means the Town will be able to monitor and adjust the streetlight and pedestrian lighting in real time using a computer system.

The Town of Bancroft's main street and downtown.


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