Berford Street Gets Infrastructure and Beautification Overhaul

August 03, 2021

A heavily travelled area of Wiarton in South Bruce Peninsula is receiving a much-needed overhaul through the Canada Community-Building Fund.

Berford Street, located in Wiarton’s busy downtown core, is being fully revitalized. This includes a full replacement of infrastructure - specifically the road, water mains and sanitary sewer.

A large part of this initiative was the addition of a quality control structure which will vastly improve stormwater discharges into Georgian Bay, the relocation of Hydroelectric lines from pole and building-face mounted lines to underground service, and new shallow utility ducts for improved telecommunications and gas lines.

Prior to this project, these services failed frequently, causing disruption to the adjacent residents and businesses, as well as visitors and the travelling public.

Aside from infrastructure upgrades, the municipality took this opportunity to complete a streetscaping plan to beautify the downtown core and create a more active, walkable, vibrant and cultural space. The updates include lighting, street furniture, bike-friendly infrastructure, landscaping and trees, public art, and wayfinding signage. 

The municipality estimates that 2.5 million people visit Bruce County annually, and more than half of those travellers pass through Wiarton. The completion of this project will entice visitors to stop and explore the community, strengthening local business and encouraging further economic development.

Workers pour coloured concrete as part of the Berford Street reconstruction in downtown Wiarton.


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