Better Roads in the City of Waterloo

With investments from the CCBF, the City of Waterloo resurfaced a number of roads and upgraded underground infrastructure throughout the 2023 construction season. 

In the spring, the City reconstructed a cul-de-sac and a 260-metre section of Schaefer Street, replacing water, stormwater and sanitary sewer services. The road and sidewalk was also reconstructed, improving safety for pedestrians and drivers in a busy residential neighbourhood.

Four additional roads projects saw a total of 27,900 square-metres of road surface improvements. Sections of Glenelm Crescent, Westvale Drive, Country Squire Road and Northlake Drive were torn out and replaced with brand new, smooth asphalt. 

On some of these streets, improvements were also made to the sewer maintenance holes and stormwater catch basins. Additionally, sidewalks were replaced on Glenelm Crescent.  

Northlake Drive in the City of Waterloo was one of several roads projects completed in 2023.


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