Bonnechere Valley Invests in Rehabilitation of Busy Roadway in Eganville

December 08, 2021

The Township of Bonnechere Valley is completing an important roads project thanks to investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund.

Augsburg Road in the community of Eganville is a busy roadway that carries not only vehicles, but heavy farming equipment as well. This route is often travelled by local farmers and residents and serves as a main vein through Eganville that leads tourists to Highway 60, Algonquin Park, and opportunities to fish, swim and explore areas such as Golden Lake, Mud Lake and Silver Lake. It’s also a stretch of highway that leads to local shops and small businesses.

Augsburg Road was identified as part of the Town’s Asset Management Plan and Roads Needs Study as a priority project, but it wasn’t until 2020 that the municipality was able to begin work on the road, rehabilitating 6.9 kilometres.

Contributions from the CCBF made it possible for the municipality upgrade the road to asphalt and replace culverts, extending its lifespan considerably. Not only will the road last longer, but the project will be finished quicker thanks to the fund. The municipality estimates that without funding, this project may have taken as long as six years to complete. Instead, it will be ready for drivers in 2022, three years ahead of schedule.

Augsburg Road in Eganville is currently being upgraded.


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