Brantford Turning Landfill Gas into Electricity

A innovative project in Brantford is turning landfill gas in to electricity. 

Brantford invested the CCBF into expansion of the landfill gas collection system at its Mohawk Street waste collection site. This project was completed in April of 2022. 

The new system collects landfill gas, which is used by two engines to produce electricity. The expansion included installation of six horizontal landfill gas collection pipes with wellheads. These were connected to the existing piping system and liquid drain outlet and stone drainage system. The gas collection system directs the gas to a central point where it’s processed and used as fuel, powering the engines. 

In 2022, more than 3.8 million cubic metres of landfill gas was collected and used to produce 10.3 million kWh of electricity. 

A man works in a backhoe at the Brantford landfill site.


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