Bridge Work in Kenora Keeps Traffic Flowing

July 29, 2022

A well-travelled bridge in the City of Kenora is now safer and sturdier thanks to the Canada Community-Building Fund.

Kenora’s Lajuenesse Bridge was rehabilitated in 2021, including updating the eroded concrete footings, deck replacement, installation of a new railing, installation of a new asphalt surface on the deck, and embarkment improvements.

Although biennial bridge inspections in 2018 and 2020 found the bridge to be in fair condition, further inspection determined it required immediate attention. Kenora invested $568,000 of its Canada Community-Building Fund allocation into bridge improvements. The stable nature of the Fund allowed Kenora to prioritize this project, improving safety and structural integrity of the bridge.

For residents and tourists, the Lajuenesse Bridge is a key piece of infrastructure in the city and a main travel route. It also leads to one of Kenora’s tourism destinations, the Beauty Bay Golf Course. Ensuring the bridge was in working order meant avoiding a nine-kilometre detour for drivers and visitors.

Workers smooth asphalt on a bridge in Kenora.


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