Category Spotlight: Culture

July 07, 2022

Theatres, community halls, heritage sites, libraries and places that support the arts make up the social fabric of communities across Ontario. These places are often community hubs and places for learning, and are important landmarks that help preserve the history of the region.

Since 2005, the Canada Community-Building Fund has supported 60 projects in Ontario that resulted in the construction, material enhancement or renewal of infrastructure that supports the arts, humanities and heritage.

In recent years, this category of the CCBF has become more popular, with more projects popping up across Ontario. In total, $26.2 million has been invested so far.


Project Example:

The Town of Hanover’s theatre and community hall is the original structure from 1937. It’s a historic building within the community that required rehabilitation. Hanover invested its CCBF funding into upgrading the building’s electrical system and insulating the exterior walls of the building, among other things. This project will be completed in 2022, and ensure the community can continue to use the building for years to come. 

Someone taking a book off a shelf at a library.


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