Category Spotlight: Disaster Mitigation

June 08, 2022

Natural disasters are a phenomenon that all municipalities should be prepared for. That’s why the Canada Community-Building Fund helps communities invest in disaster mitigation.

Throughout the province, the CCBF has funded 23 Disaster Mitigation projects, totalling $15.7 million. These projects supported the construction, material enhancement or renewal of infrastructure that reduces or eliminates long-term impacts and risks associated with natural disasters.

In many Ontario communities with lakeshores, this funding assists with mitigating flood risk and shoreline erosion. For others, it means the restoration of wetlands and infrastructure that helps redirect rainwater. This category also addresses other threats such as wildfires.


Project example:

The Canada Community-Building Fund helped the Town of Grimsby with investments in shoreline improvements between Whittaker Park and Elizabeth Street Pumphouse. This area is prone to shoreline erosion. Using CCBF investments, the Town also completed an environmental assessment, which aided with the process of evaluating options, developing a solution, and moving to the construction phase of the project.

Lightning striking amongst trees during a thunder storm.


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