Category Spotlight: Drinking Water

June 24, 2022

The provision of clean drinking water to citizens is the responsibility of every municipality. The infrastructure associated with the provision of clean water includes everything from water towers and water treatment plants, to the pipes that run under community streets and into residents’ homes.

The Canada Community-Building Fund has invested more than $240 million into 521 projects across Ontario that fall under the Drinking Water category, funding the construction, material enhancement or renewal of infrastructure that supports drinking water conservation, collection, treatment and distribution systems.

Over the past 15 years, municipalities have invested in building new infrastructure like water towers and watermains, installation of smart water meters, and upgrading water treatment facilities.


Project Example:

The existing water tower in the Town of Smiths Falls has reached its end of life. With maintenance costs rising, and risk of failure looming, the town looked to the Canada Community-Building Fund to help it install a new water tower in a new location. This infrastructure, slated for completion in 2022, will meet the growing needs of the community, and the funding will help with expenses related to not only the construction of the tower, but the design as well.

A silhouette of a person drinking a bottle of water.


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