Catherine Street Reconstruction Will Allow for Future Growth in Smiths Falls

The Town of Smiths Falls invested the CCBF into the reconstruction of Catherine Street - repaving 700 m of the road, replacing the outdated sewer system, and improving sidewalk accessibility.

A major component of this project was the separation of the existing combined sewer to help alleviate pressure on the system. Combined sewers are often smaller and are more likely to back up than separated sewers, where sewage and rainwater each have their own pipes. The separated sewer reduces flows to Smiths Falls’ wastewater treatment plant and helps to increase capacity for future growth. 

The existing water infrastructure was also updated. Lead pipes were replaced with copper pipes, and a larger watermain was installed to increase water pressure for residential homes and fire hydrants.

Upgrades to the road itself included repaving, and sidewalks were widened and re-sloped to allow for proper drainage. The new sidewalks meet standards set out in Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and address the need for more active transportation routes in the community.

A sidewalk with a sewer grate

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