Davidson Avenue Bridge Upgrades a Priority in Listowel

August 03, 2022

A bridge improvement project funded by the Canada Community-Building Fund will make the town of Listowel more pedestrian and traffic-friendly.

The municipality began construction in May on the Davidson Avenue bridge in Listowel, a community of about 7,500 people located in the Municipality of North Perth. The bridge was past its useful life and identified as a priority project.

As part of the upgrades, the bridge is being realigned for traffic safety and widened for pedestrians. The wider design will accommodate sidewalks on either side of the bridge, providing safer access to a nearby park frequented by locals, and overall community safety  

Davidson Avenue Bridge crosses over a creek that runs through Listowel. Aside from making the bridge wider and safer for pedestrians, the project will also address the conduit structure of the bridge to help prevent flooding events in the downtown.

It is anticipated the bridge work will be completed by December of 2022.

Construction machinery works on the Davidson Avenue bridge in Listowel.


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