Fire Station Renovations Allow Brock Township Fire Department to Better Serve the Community

Changes to the Beaverton fire station in the Township of Brock allowed the fire department to offer expanded fire and rescue services to the community.

In 2022, the Township invested more than $100,000 in CCBF funding into renovating its station, increasing ceiling and bay door height, and improving insulation across the station. The Brock Township Fire department expanded their fleet of trucks in 2022, adding a 110 ft aerial platform truck to their roster. In order to accommodate this size of vehicle, changes to the station were required.

The new truck allows fire crews to reach building rooftops which were previously inaccessible. It also provides increased safety for the firefighters, as they previously had to rely on ground ladders. With the new truck, firefighters can maintain a safe distance from fires, ensuring they are able to work safely and effectively.

Since the purchase of the aerial truck and completion of the fire station renovations, the newest addition to the fleet has seen lots of use. As the lead vehicle in Beaverton’s station fleet, it is usually the first to respond to dangerous situations, averaging 180 dispatches a year. There have been multiple incidents where the extra height the truck offers allowed fire crews to reach tall buildings that would have been out of reach before.

Thanks to support from the CCBF, the Township was able to complete this vital infrastructure expansion project.

A photo of the new, larger fire station door in Beaverton, Township of Brock.


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