Fish Habitat Salvaged by Culvert Replacement in King Township

Investments from the CCBF helped the Township of King with a culvert project in 2023 that had positive outcomes for wildlife. 

To replace a deteriorating culvert in a rural area within the village of Nobleton, the Township of King worked with conservation experts to ensure life from the fish-bearing creek – a tributary of the East Humber River – were salvaged in the process.

The culvert, located on 7th Concession approximately 850 m north of the intersection with King Road, included multiple, poorly connected culverts of different sizes and was at the end of its lifespan. Replacement was necessary to ensure local traffic, which includes heavy farming equipment, could travel on the road without environmental impact to the creek flowing underneath.

Construction began in March and erosion and sediment control measures were installed to ensure the creek remained clean prior to the removal of asphalt and excavation of the existing culvert. The new culvert and an armour stone retaining wall has been installed. A certified expert was retained by the consultant on behalf of the Township (to ensure conformance with regulations outlined by the Conservation Authority and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) and has captured fish in the area where the work is happening and relocated them up and downstream. 

The remaining work—including watercourse restoration, embankment and ditch grading, road grading and paving—was completed in August of 2023.

A culvert replacement in the Township of King.


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