Greenstone Replaces Culvert on Busy Highway

The Municipality of Greenstone invested $234,000 from the Canada Community-Building Fund to replace a culvert on a main roadway that is crucial to residents living in a nearby community. 

Highway 584 provides access to the community of Nakina in Greenstone, and also leads to a nearby airport that is used to access remote First Nations communities to the north. This road is the only route that is maintained year-round for the more than 1,500 people living in the area. 

A series of six culverts ran along a portion of Highway 584 that is prone to spring flooding. The culverts were critical to keep the road in good working order. 

In 2022, a sink hole formed over one of the culverts, restricting the highway to one lane of traffic. A replacement solution for all six culverts was designed and – with investment from the Fund – two new overflow culverts with increased capacity for significant weather events were installed. 

The completion of this project ensures the road will remain open year-round – keeping residents connected to essential goods and services. 

The Municipality of Greenstone administrative office.


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