Halton Region Opens Centralized Hauled Sewage Facility

August 24, 2022

A Halton Region infrastructure project that centralizes the disposal and processing of hauled sewage is helping streamline waste management.

In 2021, Halton invested $2.475 million from the Canada Community-Building Fund to build a centralized hauled-sewage receiving station near the region’s Biosolids Management Centre and Halton Waste Management Site.

The site includes two separate enclosed collection facilities, allowing haulers to empty waste directly into the sanitary system. It features Cloud-based software and real-time monitoring to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Hauled sewage wastewater from Halton’s rural communities was previously accepted at two smaller facilities located adjacent to residential areas. This caused concerns about spillage and odour.

The centralized facility’s location allows for access from three major highways and completely re-routes trucks away from residential areas, helping streamline wastewater treatment and cut down on truck travel time and emissions.

An overview of the new Halton centralized hauled sewage facility.


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