Hornepayne Develops Local Park Into Multigenerational Hub

Hornepayne Township recognized that there was a lack of outdoor recreation options for younger children, as many of their parks were designed with older children in mind. Because young children will need supervision while they’re playing, the Township chose to design the park for a multigenerational audience. This project was funded in part by the CCBF.

The first phase of the project dealt with adding new equipment to the park, as well as updating the landscape and plant life around the park. Picnic tables and outdoor fitness equipment were installed, providing parents or guardians a chance to stay active while supervising. A skate park was also added, surrounded by solar powered LED lights to ensure good visibility for any parents or guardians. Since the first phase renovations were finished, the park has seen much more use than it did previously. 

The second phase of the renovations is expected to be completed by August 2024. This phase focuses on adding accessible outdoor bathrooms. 

Image of a park, with a play structure in the foreground, and benches in the background.

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