Howick Resurfaces Gough and Spencetown Roads

Two roadways in the Township of Howick have been upgraded thanks to the Canada Community-Building Fund. 

The Township of Howick is a rural community in south-western Ontario. Its roadways see heavy traffic from farm machinery, which causes wear and tear over time.  

Originally, portions of Spencetown Road and Gough Road only received one layer of asphalt five years ago. Over time, the asphalt developed cracking and deterioration along the edges of the pavement. 

In August of 2022, both roads received a second layer of asphalt, the shoulders of the road repaired, and laneways and entrances filled with new gravel. 

A second layer of asphalt will increase durability and longevity of the road surface, adding about 20 years to the life cycle of this section and allowing for heavy traffic and farm equipment. The shouldering of these roads has also greatly increased safety comfort for motorist. A bridge on Gough Road was also waterproofed before it was paved, increasing the life cycle of the bridge.

A stock image of road paving equipment.


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