Huntington Park Bridge Gives Markham Residents a Convenient Path

The City of Markham invested the CCBF into building a pedestrian bridge over German Mills Creek in Huntington Park. The new bridge provides pedestrians with an easy way to cross the water, restores a previous active transportation route, and connects the community around Huntington Park.

A pathway over two culverts previously allowed pedestrians to cross the creek. But by 2018, the culverts had degraded to a point where the crossing was deemed unsafe, and the path was closed. Losing this pathway had a tremendous impact on locals who had come to rely on the path, since there was no other way to cross the creek without leaving the park. Investments from the CCBF allowed Markham to remove the culverts and build a 20 m pedestrian bridge, allowing residents to easily reach the other side of the creek.

Thanks to the investment from the CCBF, Markham residents can now access the entirety of the park and cut down on their morning commutes.

A newly built pedestrian bridge.

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