Keeping Motorists Safe in Lanark Highlands

December 10, 2021

Rehabilitation of a local roadway in Lanark Highlands has enhanced safety for travellers and residents.


The Township tendered a resurfacing project in the fall of 2021 to rehabilitate four kilometres of Upper Perth Road in the eastern portion of the Township. This project was partially funded by investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund.

Upper Perth Road is a highly travelled road segment that abuts the adjacent municipality of Mississippi Mills and connects Ferguson Falls Road (County Road 15) and Wolfe Grove Road (County Road 16).

Work on this area of the highway included pulverizing the existing deteriorated asphalt, grading and addition of granular base, double surface treatment, and culvert replacement. Line painting to enhance the completed project is scheduled upon the fair weather in Spring of 2022.

The rehabilitation of this portion of the Upper Perth Road created enhanced safety for residents and travellers using the road, as well as a significant reduction of continuous maintenance of cold patching the original deteriorated asphalt road surface.

Lanark Highlands recently rehabilitated Upper Perth Road.


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