Local Arena Gets Roofing Upgrade in Athens

June 23, 2022

The Township of Athens is investing its 2022 Canada Community-Building Fund contributions into a project that will have a major local impact.

Athens’ local arena – the Centre 76 Memorial Arena - is an important community space, home to the town’s hockey and figure skating clubs. As with many rural communities, the arena and community centre serve as a social hub and a mainstay in the town.  

This year, the municipality is investing CCBF funding into the installation of a new roof on part of the building. The scope of work will include the removal of an entire section of roofing down to the concrete decking.

The arena has seen numerous repairs over the last decade to stop water leaks. While the entire roof isn’t in poor shape, this particular area requires immediate attention.

The new section of the roof will include new vapour barrier installed on the concrete deck, followed by two inches of ISO insulation board, quarter-inch asphaltic core board, a new two-ply membrane and hot asphalt. New metal flashing will also be installed.

Investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund helps municipalities like Athens fund projects with a tangible local impact, and helps keep vital community spaces operating without disruption.

A photo of Athens' Centre 76 Memorial Arena.


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