Local Road Improvements Support Residents and Businesses in Rideau Lakes

December 07, 2022

Three roadways in Rideau Lakes are looking brand new thanks to investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund.

In the fall of 2022, the municipality finished three resurfacing projects on Young's Hill Road, Fryan Road and Plum Hollow Road.

All three of these roadways lead to vital services in Rideau Lakes. Young's Hill Road is the main throughway to a local feed mill, and is the connecting link between Forfar and Highway 15, and Fryan Road is home to many seasonal cottages and a family campground.

Plum Hollow Road is a primary road in the municipality. It hosts many rural homes, agricultural operations, and is a main route for a local construction company. It’s also a connecting road between Plum Hollow and County Road 29 at Frankville. In 2021, a proper road base was constructed for the entire length of road, along with improvements to ditching and drainage. Resurfacing the road in 2022 improved overall quality of the road.

Rideau Lakes' investment will not only benefit residents, but will also support local businesses and give a boost the local tourism economy. 

An orange sign that says 'roadwork ahead'.


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