Malahide’s Bridge Project Puts Wildlife First

March 23, 2021

The Township of Malahide went the extra mile to protect wildlife when carrying out a bridge and culvert replacement.

With support from the federal Gas Tax Fund, Malahide replaced an old concrete bridge and steel arch culvert on Pressey Line West with modern alternatives.

The project also included improvements to the road approaches on either side of the bridge.

To protect sensitive fish species in two connecting watercourses, the animals were safely corralled in an enclosure while work was carried out.

Also, netting was installed to prevent birds from nesting under the bridge during construction.

Contractors continuously monitored the area to ensure there was no damaging amounts of sediment flowing into the watercourses, which pass through a significant woodland area.

As well as improving road safety, the project has improved the function of two open course municipal drains.

A photo collage showing the work on the Pressey Line West project in Malahide, Ontario


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