Marina Rehabilitation Extends Lifespan of a Major Employer for Town of Spanish

The Town of Spanish has nearly completed the rehabilitation of its municipally-owned marina, using investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund. The marina is a massive draw for the Town, with the capacity for 117 ships. Boaters come from as far as the United States. With three local businesses on site, the marina is a major employer for the Town.

The marina was built in 1997 and had not seen major improvements since. In recent years, the marina was showing signs of wear and tear from boat traffic. Several pontoons, the supports underneath the piers, were weakened from years of erosion, making the dock tilt slightly. With an investment from the CCBF, the township was able to remove two piers from the water and place a special insert into the pontoons to help strengthen them. The plumbing and electrical systems of the docks were also replaced.

Thanks to the CCBF, the Spanish Municipal Marina is ready for the influx of boaters that will visit during the summer months. 

A newly renovated dock.

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