Midtown Creek Project Provides Flood Mitigation, Protects Fish Habitat

August 05, 2021

The Town of Cobourg has completed an important community project to help control storm water runoff and mitigate flooding issues in a residential area.

The Midtown Creek Flood Reduction Pond is designed to retain storm water during significant rainfalls and then slowly release the water into Midtown Creek in a controlled manner.

Previously, heavy rainfalls caused downstream flooding of properties and roads in the area.

Cobourg partnered with the local Conservation Authority to complete the project, which was further supported by the Canada Community-Building Fund.

The creation of the pond required excavating 72,000m3 of soil from the site, and the newly constructed Midtown Creek Pond has been significantly enhanced for both flood reduction and environmental benefits.

Aside from storm water management, the creek has also been transformed into a meandering channel designed to promote fish habitat, provide rest areas for migrating fish and offer a safe passage through a culvert that runs under Kerr Street. The landscaping of the Midtown Creek Flood Reduction Pond also incorporates approximately 175 trees and more than 1,000 potted plants.

City staff and officials stand at the site of the Midtown Creek Project.


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