Muskoka Lakes Completes Rehabilitation Of Beaumaris Bridge

February 23, 2022

Investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund assisted the Township of Muskoka Lakes with rehabilitating a connecting link in the community.

The Beaumaris Bridge is the only available land access for Tondern Island in Muskoka Lakes, and the community of Beaumaris, which includes a number of seasonal and year-round residences, a golf course, country club, a marina and municipal wharf.

In 2021, regular inspections of the bridge showed numerous defects and rehabilitation required to the superstructure and substructure, including approach guide rail, deck joint seal replacement and concrete repairs to deck, curbs, wing walls and abutments.

Investments from the CCBF contributed to the completion of this project. Without these funds, the municipality wouldn’t have been able to complete the same amount of work with its available capital budget.

A piece of construction equipment sits at the site of the Beaumaris Bridge.


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