Plummer Additional Replaces Culverts, Upgrades Duff Road

In 2023, the Township of Plummer Additional invested just over $31,000 from the CCBF into the replacement of two major culverts, along with additional work, on Duff Road. 

The funds were used to replace two 30-foot culverts, along with guide rails on either side of the road, and to rehabilitate the gravel surface. 

The work was done as part of the municipality’s 10-year capital plan. The culverts were in poor shape, and the guide rails needed replacement to improve traveler safety. 

Plummer Additional has approximately 148 km of public roads, of which 134.1 km are maintained year-round, and 13.9 km are seasonal. The permanency of CCBF funding allows municipalities to plan long term for capital projects like road and culvert rehabilitation.

Workers replacing a culvert in Plummer Additional.


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