Rehabilitation of Nearby Creek Protects West Grey Homes and Businesses

A $100,000 investment from the Canada Community-Building Fund allowed the Municipality of West Grey to reinforce almost 100 meters of steel and stone along walls of Meux Creek to prevent flooding and protect nearby properties.

The Municipality installed gabion baskets, wire nets filled with rocks and soil, over the creek wall in the 1970s to prevent erosion and reduce the chance of floods. Almost 50 years after the installation, the baskets were beginning to fail and needed reinforcement, or the nearby properties would be at risk. Gaps in the baskets were filled with rocks, and then a layer of steel was added as an extra layer of protection.

West Grey’s investment of the Fund into this critical infrastructure project means residents can rest easy knowing that their homes and businesses are better protected from floods. 

The rehabilitated culvert, flowing into a stream

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