Rural Roadways Upgraded in Centre Wellington

April 14, 2022

Investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund helped the Township of Centre Wellington complete three road improvement projects in 2021.

The municipality invested more than $550,000 in CCBF funding toward extensive upgrades on First Line, Third Line and Eighth Line township roads.

Originally a gravel side road, First Line was upgraded to a paved roadway. This included paving an 800-metre section of the road with 70-millimetre asphalt, and an additional 900-metre section with 100-millimetre asphalt. The paved surface will result in less dust and debris and a safer and more durable road design for travellers.

Both Third and Eighth Line required a full resurface treatment. Third Line Road was resurfaced which involved removing the existing surface and applying tar and chip. On Eighth Line, the existing asphalt was removed and the entire road was repaved with 100-millimetre asphalt.

Together, these three projects impact more than 50 households and several seasonal cottages services by these roads, along with at least two major industrial employers in the area. Improvements along all three of these roadways will offer smoother travel for drivers and extended lifespan of this municipal infrastructure.

An orange "construction ahead" sign installed on the shoulder of a country road.


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