Shoreline Protection a Priority in Pelee

April 12, 2022

The Township of Pelee is looking out for the safety of its residents by protecting roadways adjacent to its waterfront, using investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund.

Pelee Township is an island located at the southern-most tip of Ontario on Lake Erie. Pelee Island residents and guests either take the ferry or fly between the island and mainland Ontario. Once on the island, West Shore Road is a main artery used by everyone driving throughout the Township. It hosts the island’s medical centre, municipal office, paramedic services, water and wastewater infrastructure and more.

In 2020, the Township made it a priority to focus on West Shore Road. Over the years, weather events like high water, waves, high winds and the natural freezing and thawing of winter and spring in Pelee threatened the stability of the roadway along the lake.

The municipality’s hazard identification risk assessment determined the community was at risk of losing this critical road infrastructure if actions wasn’t taken. The Township invested more than $570,000, partially funded by the Canada Community-Building Fund, into placing new armour stone along portions of West Shore Road to protect it from further damage and keep Pelee’s residents and visitors safe.

This project is part of the Township’s yearly commitment to rehabilitate portions of its shoreline and waterfront roadways.

A photo along the shoreline of the Township of Pelee.


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