South-West Oxford Improves Dereham Line Road

March 01, 2023

The Township of South-West Oxford recently completed a road improvement project, repaving 3.1 km of Dereham Line Road. 

South-West Oxford is a rural township located in Southern Ontario, just east of the city of London. It has a population of just over 7,600 people, and many rural roads to maintain. 

Dereham Line was identified as a priority project in the municipal asset management plan. In 2022, the municipality ripped up the old, worn asphalt surface, changed out all the driveway and roadway culverts, regraded the ditches, and repaved the road. 

New culverts will help improve drainage, and the freshly paved surface will make the roadway safer for drivers. This project benefits local residents and farmers, along with people who commute to nearby towns along Dereham Road.    

Road machinery paves a road in the Township of South-West Oxford.


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