Thunder Bay adds Accessible Options at Popular Local Playground

The City of Thunder Bay recently completed alterations to the Boulevard Lake Playground, which were partially funded through investments from the CCBF. The project increased accessibility and removed barriers for people with disabilities.

Changes to the park focus on finding new ways for children with accessibility challenges to enjoy the park. This includes a new “cozy dome” - a quiet play space   where children can go if they become overstimulated at the park, while still allowing parents and guardians to supervise. 

Slides were either replaced or modified to make sure they did not generate static, allowing children with cochlear implants – a type of hearing aid device – to enjoy them without worrying about damaging their implant.

Additionally, interactive panels were installed with the purpose of teaching children the basics of Braille and American Sign Language, allowing children to socialize and educate each other.

With completion of the project, the park has been renamed the Boulevard Lake Park Jumpstart Inclusive Playground. 

Since completing the renovations, the amount of use the park sees has increased significantly. Children who may have struggled to engage with their peers are now empowered with a new level of independence and comfort.

 Photo of the Jumpstart playground, with the cozy dome as the central focus.


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