Township of Essa Urbanizes Maragaret Street

Essa Township recently completed the urbanization of Maragaret Street, a four-year phased project that began in 2019. Essa invested the Canada Community-Building Fund into repaving the road, eliminating the ditches, and installing storm sewers. 

Prior to this investment, Margaret Street was prone to flooding. An older roadway in the Township, it was designed with ditches on either side, and lacked proper storm sewers, sidewalks, or watermain. 

As the street became more residential, it became clear that the current design was not sustainable. The Township repaved the street, and updated the water and wastewater system, including installing a new watermain to meet increased demand. 

These updates will accommodate infill housing and new construction homes along Margaret Street, while improving services for current residents. 

A residential street with a newly installed sidewalk and freshly paved road

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