Trent Lakes Improves Pedestrian Safety

Three new crosswalks will help pedestrians safely cross the road to access important services in Trent Lakes. 

Crosswalks are being installed on Lakehurst Road in Buckhorn, a community of approximately 5,100 people in Trent Lakes. Lakehurst is a busy road, especially in the summer. It leads to the downtown core which is a bustling tourist destination.

With the completion of these crosswalks, residents and visitors will have safe passage to the local library, municipal park and Buckhorn public school.

The school crosswalk was specifically installed with parents and students in mind. With limited parking at the school, many parents park at the community centre across the road and walk back over to drop-off their children. 

The crosswalks were strategically placed in order to bring awareness and attention to drivers in high traffic areas in hopes they will reduce speed and be mindful of pedestrians.

A pedestrian crosswalk at Buckhorn public school in Trent Lakes.

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