Upgrades to Pacific Avenue Mitigate Watermain Issues in Perth East

The Township of Perth East recently completed a much-needed road and underground infrastructure upgrading project in the community of Milverton.

In 2023, Perth East invested the CCBF into reconstructing Pacific Avenue, including underground water and wastewater infrastructure.

This area of Milverton had a history of watermain breaks. Every time this infrastructure failed, it impacted everyone in the surrounding residential area. Additionally, Pacific Avenue is located in a busy commercial area, with the main downtown and an industrial warehouse located nearby. Pacific Avenue was also deteriorated in sections and required rehabilitation.

Improvements to Pacific Avenue included replacement of storm and sanitary sewers and watermain, resurfacing of the street, and new concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

Although many of these upgrades are “unseen” improvements below the surface of the road, they greatly benefit residents and commercial property owners who no longer have to worry about spontaneous watermain breaks, or infiltration of their drinking water supply.

Workers replace underground infrastructure in Perth East.


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