The Canada Community-Building Fund

The Canada Community-Building Fund provides permanent and stable funding for local infrastructure

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AMO administers the Fund to 443 municipalities in Ontario.

Canadian municipalities receive over $2 billion from the Canada Community-Building Fund (formerly known as the federal Gas Tax Fund) each year; Ontario's share is over $800 million. Funds are distributed to communities across the province on a per-capita basis.

Since its launch in 2005, municipalities receiving CCBF funds through AMO have invested nearly $9.3 billion from the Fund into about 12,700 local projects. Funds can be invested across 18 project categories to promote economic growth, strengthen communities, and improve the environment.

Updates & Profiles

• Project Profiles
A residential street in the Township of North Huron was extended to accommodate a new subdivision and provide residents a direct access route to the downtown. The Township invested the
• Project Profiles
Three residential streets in the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers have been rehabilitated, thanks to an investment of $350,000 from the Canada Community-Building Fund. Second Street
• Project Profiles
Several kilometers of a road in Dufferin County have been rehabilitated thanks to investments from the Canada Community-Building Fund. The County invested more than $175,000 into
• Project Profiles
An asphalt recycling process was used to rehabilitate Ron McNeil Line in the County of Elgin. The County invested $1.6 million from the Canada Community-Building Fund into
• Project Profiles
Construction of a new ice-skating trail and water feature is in progress in the Town of LaSalle, thanks in part to a $2 million investment from the Canada Community-Building Fund. Last
• Project Profiles
Two new play structures were built in the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley last year, thanks to a total $83,000 investment from the Canada Community-Building Fund across two projects