The Canada Community-Building Fund

The Canada Community-Building Fund provides permanent and stable funding for local infrastructure

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AMO administers the Fund to 443 municipalities in Ontario.

Canadian municipalities receive over $2 billion from the Canada Community-Building Fund each year; Ontario's share is over $800 million. Funds are distributed to communities across the province on a per-capita basis.

Since its launch in 2005, municipalities receiving Canada Community-Building funds through AMO have invested nearly $8.5 billion from the Fund into about 11,700 local projects. Funds can be invested across 18 project categories to promote economic growth, strengthen communities, and improve the environment.

Updates & Profiles

March 23, 2023 • Project Profiles
Recent investments at the Township of Hornepayne’s municipal airport have improved safety for frequent flyers and ensured this community asset remains operational for years to come. The
March 21, 2023 •
The Town of The Blue Mountains invested more than $395,000 through the Canada Community-Building Fund to help replace two bridges in a rural part of the community. The Mitchell’s Creek
March 10, 2023 • Project Profiles
Municipalities across the province need access to fast, reliable broadband services to help local governments, service providers and local businesses operate efficiently, and to allow
March 08, 2023 • Project Profiles
The City of St. Thomas invested $400,000 from the CCBF to remediate – and subsequently redevelop – a brownfield site between 2018 and 2021. A 700 square-metre city-owned property at 230
March 01, 2023 • Project Profiles
The Township of South-West Oxford recently completed a road improvement project, repaving 3.1 km of Dereham Line Road. South-West Oxford is a rural township located in Southern Ontario
March 01, 2023 • Announcements
Through its administration of the Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF), AMO is required to report on sector progress in Asset Management (AM). AMO will be releasing an AM outcomes