Greenfield Street Reconstruction Improves Community Accessibility, Infrastructure

August 10, 2021

The Canada Community-Building fund has helped the Town of Petrolia with a critical road infrastructure project.

Greenfield Street, a high-traffic area in Petrolia’s downtown, was considered high-priority in the town’s asset management plan. The street was in poor condition from heavy vehicular traffic, and required a full rehabilitation, including water, storm sewer and sanitary services.

Using funds from the Canada Community-Building Fund, Petrolia is in the final stages of its $1.63 million project. The Greenfield Street project will conclude with the installation of a rainbow crosswalk - an aesthetic piece showcasing community inclusiveness.

Greenfield Street services the community’s hospital, municipal office, playhouse theatre and high school. It’s a connecting link to the downtown core, making it a busy travel route in the community, and a vital asset to the municipality.

As part of this project, emphasis was placed on safety for pedestrians and visitors with accessibility needs. Each year, more than 40,000 people visit Petrolia’s national heritage site – Victoria Hall, and the Victoria Playhouse Petrolia. It’s the community’s biggest tourism driver with an estimated $3.5 million economic impact.

With this in mind, the new roadway is smoother and safer for those crossing using wheelchairs or other means of assistance, and the added crosswalk will increase visibility and safety.

Greenfield Street in downtown Petrolia.


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